There are many videos on the internet, explaining Waste-to-Energy succinctly. Many are in different languages and made by different plants, but all share the same story: WtE contributes to the community, both in waste management and energy production, and is complementary to the circular economy, assisting in the recycling of, for example, metals.

We have gathered a few below (and in our youtube playlist):

WtE plant operation - by Vantaan Energia

A short animation by Vantaa Energy, a Finish city energy company.

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WtE - Process Explanation - by AEB Amsterdam

A short video by the AEB, the Waste-to-Energy company of Amsterdam, explaining briefly the main processes in their High-Efficiency WtE plant

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Other videos?

Do you know of any good videos explaining Waste-to-Energy and its advantages? Maybe in your language or about your own city?

Let us know, and we might add it to the website!