There are many videos on the internet, explaining Waste-to-Energy succinctly. Many are in different languages and made by different plants, but all share the same story: WtE contributes to the community, both in waste management and energy production, and is complementary to the circular economy, assisting in the recycling of, for example, metals.

We have gathered a few below (and in our youtube playlist):

A pity to dump it! Energy out of the rubbish bin - by Stadtwerke Bonn

A video by Stadtwerke Bonn, the operator of the Bonn Waste-to-Energy plant.

In this movie the citizens of Bonn learn what happens to their waste after being picked up by the municipal garbage trucks.

The short film describes the concept of "Waste-to-Energy" and explains why garbage plays an important role in the energy concept of the city.

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The short film also exists in German:


WtE plant operation - by Vantaan Energia

A short animation by Vantaa Energy, a Finish city energy company.

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WtE - Process Explanation - by AEB Amsterdam

A short video by the AEB, the Waste-to-Energy company of Amsterdam, explaining briefly the main processes in their High-Efficiency WtE plant

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Other videos?

Do you know of any good videos explaining Waste-to-Energy and its advantages? Maybe in your language or about your own city?

Let us know, and we might add it to the website!