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ESWET's comments - ITRE vote on the Circular Economy Package

ESWET welcomes the adoption of four opinions on the Circular Economy Package in the ITRE Committee of the European Parliament.

We believe that the waste management policy, in order to bring benefits to all EU citizens, should be based on efficient and sustainable solutions. Waste-to-Energy is one of them, as it complements Circular Economy by dealing with waste not suitable for recycling that would be otherwise landfilled. In addition, it helps recovering important materials (metals and minerals). Therefore, we believe that the voice of Waste-to-Energy sector should be taken into account.

For the comments, please click here.

ESWET also prepared voting recommendations for the vote on the Circular Economy Package in the ENVI Committee, in line with the above mentioned integrated approach to waste management.

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ESWET Site Visit to Indaver plant

In follow-up to the visit to the Waste-to-Energy Plant in Beveren organised by ESWET, Ms Franciosi wrote an article (in Italian) for L'Indro and Ms Timm for Revolve Media.



Bottom Ash Metal Recycling : Joint Statement

Various industries, including ESWET, very much support the Commission’s proposal to count recycling of metals from Waste-to-Energy’s bottom ash towards recycling targets in the Waste Framework Directive and the Packaging and Packaging Waste Directive, while meeting certain quality criteria. Read the joint statement here.

For additional information, see the Bottom Ash factsheet developed by CEWEP.



ESWET in the Media

With so much going on with the EU Waste-to-Energy policy, Ben Messenger (Waste Management World) spoke with Guillaume Perron-Piché, Policy Officer at the European Suppliers of Waste-to-Energy Technology, to shed some light on how it all fits together.

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