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Industry4Europe Joint Paper: “A Governance Structure for an ambitious EU Industrial Strategy”

ESWET co-signed together with other 121 association member of the Industry4Europe coalition the Joint Paper A Governance Structure for an ambitious EU Industrial Strategy”. The paper proposes a governance structure which enables the implementation of an ambitious EU Industrial Strategy, based on an informed dialogue between the industry, decision-makers at EU, national, regional and local levels and the Civil Society.

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For an ambitious EU industrial strategy: going further

Following the publication of the Communication from the European Commission “Investing in a smart, innovative and sustainable Industry: a renewed Industrial Strategy for Europe” ESWET joined other 118 European industrial associations and signed the Joint Reaction Paper: “For an ambitious EU industrial strategy: going further”.

The paper was presented to the Council Industry Working Party on 23rd October and it reaffirms the commitment of the industrial sector to cooperate with the EU institutions to implement a long-term strategy to keep the EU a competitive global industrial player.

Read the full paper here.



ESWET Position Paper: Renewable Energy Directive II

ESWET supports the transition to more renewable Europe. The European Union’s commitment to the Paris Agreement needs to be translated into ambitious targets and practical measures that will help mitigate climate change. However, the transition needs to be executed in a manner that will ensure security of energy supply. Using sustainable biomass is a way to accommodate both goals, and this is where Waste-to-Energy plays an important role.

Please download the full Position Paper here.



ESWET Position Paper: EU Strategy on Plastics

ESWET welcomes the Commission’s initiative to create an EU Strategy on Plastics. From packaging protecting food from rotting (and humans – from food poisoning) to pipes in our homes, plastics have proven their usefulness and versatility. They are light and durable and can be moulded into different shapes. In an ideal world, we would be able to recycle all of these materials infinite number of times. However, a reality check shows that in certain cases energy recovery is a better solution due to several recycling constraints.

Please read the full Position Paper here.



ESWET comments - ENVI vote on the Circular Economy Package

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Communication on Waste-to-Energy

ESWET comments on the European Commission's Communication on Waste-to-Energy.

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ESWET Voting Recommendations - ENVI vote on the Circular Economy Package

The ENVI Committee of the European Parliament will vote on the 24th January on the proposals for 4 directives on waste management.

Please find our voting recommendations concerning the Compromise Amendments here. We also invite you to read our recommendations from 14th November.



ESWET's comments - ITRE vote on the Circular Economy Package

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Input Public Consultation on Renewable Energy Directive Review

In preparation for the Renewable Energy Directive review, ESWET is confident that EU decision-makers will maintain the current recognition of the renewable energy contributions made by Waste-to-Energy.

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Circular Economy Package

ESWET welcomes the new proposals from the European Commission towards a Circular Economy.

Read ESWET’s statement here.



Input Public Consultation on Risk Preparedness in the Area of Security of Electricity Supply

As the landscape of electricity generation, transmission, distribution and consumption changes, ESWET wants to underline the advantages WtE - representing a secure, predominantly local and partially biogenic fuel - can bring to the grid.

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Input Public Consultation on the Functioning of Waste Markets

ESWET provided input to various challenges to integrate Waste-to-Energy in the EU waste market.

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Input Public Consultation on the Circular Economy

ESWET, the European Suppliers of Waste to Energy Technology, would like to welcome the opportunity to provide input on the Circular Economy, ahead of the package’s re-release.

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Input Effort Sharing Decision Consultation

ESWET commented on the consultation on the Effort Sharing Decision. Waste-to-Energy is part of this Decision and should remain covered by it as it constitutes the best way to account for Waste-to-Energy’s Climate Benefits.

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Waste-to-Energy: Essential for Future Energy Systems, Essential for the Circular Economy

Energy systems of the future and the Circular Economy are being developed separately. If Europe acts smartly, Waste-to-Energy can connect the two.

For more information, please check out the original article in European Energy Innovation.



Energy and Materials from Waste

In the past decades there have been two exponentially growing concerns, both in the developed and the developing world. On the one hand, there is waste and its management; our consumption-driven lifestyle produces more and more waste, leading to environmental and sanitary issues. On the other hand, there is a growing energy demand around the world, and an increasing desire for this energy to be sustainable.

How can waste management and sustainable growth objectives be combined? ESWET believes that Waste-to-Energy (WtE) could offer solution to both – and other concerns.

For more information, please check out the original article in Logistyka Odzysku.



ESWET welcomes the R1 Climate Correction Factor

Several years in the making, this factor recently adopted by the European Commission will take into account local climatic conditions and their influence on Waste-to-Energy plants' ability to use and export heat. The possibility to use heat for instance in District Heating systems significantly influences the resulting R1 value a plant can feature.

More information in the ESWET article in Waste Management World



ESWET supports the Circular Economy Package

Read the Position Paper



ESWET explains the challenges and opportunities surrounding the revision of the Waste Incineration BREF

Read the 1st part of the article in Waste Management World.

Read the 2nd part of the article in Waste Management World.



ESWET supports a ban on landfilling of recyclable and recoverable waste by 2020

Read the joint letter signed by ESWET and 6 other organisations



Europe needs more District Energy from Waste

Find here our common proposals with other associations

Download here our common proposals



Incineration Caps undermine Resource-Efficiency!

Read the ESWET Letter to Environment Commissioner


Waste should remain waste! ESWET and other associations oppose any End-of-Waste status for Waste Derived Fuels

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ESWET Answers to the Phosphorus Consultation

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ESWET Answers to the Waste Model Consultation

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ESWET Answers to the Consultation on Waste Management Targets Review

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ESWET Answers to the Green Paper on Plastic Waste

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Call from ESWET and other associations for a ban on landfilling of recyclable and combustible waste

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