Updates from Keppel Seghers on the construction of Bao'An WtE plant in Shenzhen

A week-long testing and commissioning period for Phase III of the Bao'An Waste-to-Energy (WTE) facility in Shenzhen, China, was just successfully concluded.


Over the week, it diverted 35,000 tonnes of waste from the landfill and provided more than 20 GWh of electricity to Shenzhen city. The electricity generated in a week was enough to power 4,000 Singaporean HDB 4-room flats for a whole year.


This additional phase has added five incineration lines to the facility, each exceeds operational guarantees by treating over 1,000 tonnes of waste per day, bringing the facility's capacity to nearly 9,000 tonnes per day.


The heavyweight facility is now the largest operational WTE facility in the world - a testament to Keppel Seghers' capabilities in the field of large WTE capacities, - and will divert 3 million tonnes of waste from landfills, thus hugely reducing carbon emissions. The facility will provide electricity for more than 1 million citizens in Shenzhen continuously.




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