Members' News 2017

Martin GmbH

Wheelabrator Technologies Inc. has awarded our French partner CNIM the contract to build the turnkey Deeside plant, which will have the capacity to combust approx. 200,000 tons of waste per year.
The facility will be jointly built by CNIM and the British construction company Clugston in Deeside Industrial Park, and is expected to come online at the beginning of 2019. The waste-to-energy (WTE) plant will be part of the Parc Adfer disposal and recycling centre, run by an association of 5 counties in North Wales.
The electricity output is sufficient to provide more than 30,000 households with renewable energy. As the plant will be designed for cogeneration, it will also provide heat for local industrial and commercial businesses as well as private households.
For Deeside, MARTIN will supply a 4-run reverse-acting grate with a width of 8.980 m. The gross heat release will be 68.4 MW with a throughput of up to 29.0 t/h.

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Doosan Lentjes

Doosan Lentjes and Water Division of Doosan Heavy Industries & Construction have designed an Integrated Waste-to-Water Process (IWWP) using the steam from the incineration of municipal solid waste (MSW) for the energy intensive desalination in water-stressed regions.
“Our advanced IWWP can be optimized for either a higher energy generation or a higher water production – depending on respective requirements”, says Gerhard Lohe, Director Waste-to-Energy at Doosan Lentjes. “In this context it is important to see that 300 tons of municipal waste have the potential to generate enough energy to provide potable water for 100.000 people”, he adds.

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Martin's licensee, Chongqing Sanfeng Covanta Environmental Industry Co., Ltd., has been awarded a new contract to supply grate systems. Two combustion systems will be supplied to the waste-to-energy plant in Dongguan Downtown Phase II (Guangdong province), People`s Republic of China. The grates will be manufactured in China and will use the MARTIN SITY 2000 technology. Each grate will have a throughput of 600 t/d.


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