IRRC - WtE Conference

ESWET supports the IRRC Waste-to-Energy Conference.

In the past years, waste management has gained a lot more attention among the EU member states, partially caused by stricter legal requirements of the EU, by a higher awareness of the population or by strategic goals of individual governments.

Step-by-step, those countries with low standards start to develop and implement concepts of country-specific and sustainable waste management systems. It's a long process full of privations and throwbacks. Nonetheless, it is the path leading towards the final goal – a commonly high European standard of existing waste management systems within the EU.

In contrast to today’s frontrunners, the latecomers can at least profit from the experience – of countries like Austria, the Netherlands, Belgium or Germany.

The IRRC Waste-to-Energy is devoted to support this important development. This annual congress is a forum for the exchange of information about materials flow management and closed substance cycle, applied technologies as well as organisational forms of countries that largely comply with the EU-norms and those that are only at the beginning of this development.

Besides the comprehensive political and strategic topics, the country reports will be of particular relevance. Representatives of the Czech, the Polish and the Hungarian ministries are going to present the national waste management agendas. Furthermore, the situation of Greece, India, China and the Arabic region will be illustrated.

On the second day, presentations about operation and technology are emphasised. While one session is focusing on waste incineration, the second session will deal with alternative processes.

Apart from an interesting and relevant programme the participants of the congress will get plenty of time to discuss with internationally acknowledged experts of the industry, from politics, science and technology in a pleasant atmosphere.

On September 7, delegates can attend an excursion to some waste treatment plants of Vienna (registration is required).

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