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  • 13th International Conference Thermal treatment of waste

13th International Conference Thermal treatment of waste

ESWET is the official media partner of the 13th International Conference Thermal treatment of waste - from plans to implementation, taking place in Poznan, Poland, on 15-17 November 2017.

Please find below the invitation from the Scientific Supervisor of the Conference:

"Dear Ladies and Gentlemen,

The thirteen edition of  international conference Thermal treatment of waste – from plans to implementation is just ahead of us.  This year’s edition is an important breakthrough against twelve previous editions, that went under the banner of the plans and implementation.

Plans are already a few years behind us, behind us is also the whole cycle of pre-investment and investment of construction of the municipal waste thermal treatment plants. The WtE plants in Poland now became a reality. Approximately one million tons of municipal waste per year gets to the grid of WtE plant,  thus introducing national waste management on a much higher level of its advancement. This process has placed Poland in the group of EU countries, that are basing their waste management system not only on landfilling, allowing at the same time to get closer to latest standards and challenges given by a circular economy.

For twelve cycles of our annual conference its proceedings, presentations and discussions accompanied realization of this banner. Today we can see that modern municipal waste incineration plants, meeting the best available techniques and therefore safe for our environment have become reality in Poland. Not everyone believed that it  can be done.

And what now? What further directions of our conference? Now, during subsequent cycles of annual conference, starting with the thirteenth edition, we will focus on – widely understood – aspects of exploitation of waste incineration plants, discussing their reliability, optimization possibilities in terms of the efficiency of energy recovery and flue gas treatment, financial considerations, not forgetting to care for wide presentation of all those, who were against them. For sure we won’t run out of topics to discuss. We will also look to the future, and watch how the pretenders for building new WtE plants - and there are a few,  some already at the stage of the construction project – are dealing with all the aspects of investments.

In this way, the current edition of the conference opens a new chapter – chapter of exploiter of the installation. Therefore the conference will refer to few recognized in EU countries  conferences, which deals with ongoing operational problems of WtE facilities, their surroundings, the legislative changes and trends in the development of waste incineration technologies.

I am convinced that the conference will meet such expectations, therefore I cordially invite you to come to Poznan and a take a look on what have already been done, and most of all make a significant step forward."

Prof. Tadeusz Pająk Ph.D.D.Sc. Eur Ing, AGH University of Science and Technology in Cracow


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