ISWA Beacon Conference on WtE


Malmö, 18th – 19th November 2015
Welcome to Malmö, Sweden and the 9th ISWA Beacon Conference on Waste-to-Energy!

  • Technical aspects and operational experience of new and revamped plants
  • Flexible Waste-to-Energy plants in the context of more intermittent energy sources in the energy mix
  • Best Available Techniques
  • Gasification or incineration as means for waste-to-energy? Main parameters to make the right decision
  • Mapping and influencing global perceptions of Waste-to-Energy – a communicative challenge
  • Newest research on the correlation on CO and NOX, dioxin sampling and waste as a resource in Heat Roadmap Europe
  • The role of Waste-to-Energy and Waste Incineration to detoxify society

Get all the news and a chance to meet the industry, suppliers, authorities and legislators.

Registration to both the conference and to the technical visit is available on the web site

Please note there is only a limited number of attendees for the technical visit. So be sure you
register early.

The programme
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