ESWET's presence in Strasbourg

Patrick Clerens and Guillaume Perron-Piché, from the ESWET Secretariat, were present in Strasbourg on the 16-17th of June 2008 for the 2nd reading plenary vote on the Waste Framework Directive. In the crucial hours before the vote, a stand was installed near the main entrance of the European Parliament to draw the attention of the Members of the European Parliament to the need to support the Waste Hierarchy, ambitious recycling targets and to recognise Waste to Energy as a recovery operation.

Recalling the Dioxins crisis in the Mozzarella cheese in March 2008 in Naples, due to dioxins leaking from wild landfills to the groundwater, the slogan "Save the Mozzarella - Support Waste to Energy!" was stressed forward. Caprese (mise en bouche of Mozzarella cheese, cherry tomatoes and basil) were distributed to the visitors, as a tasteful example of dioxins-free Mozzarella. This, along with the documentation given, sparked discussions about the hygienisation of waste and the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions through Waste to Energy.

ESWET welcomes the outcome of the vote

In the plenary session, a compromise has been reached on ambitious recycling targets, introducing a sustainable Waste Hierarchy and recognising Waste to Energy as a recovery operation.

This compromise was approved by a huge majority of the Parliament, supportive of Dr. Caroline Jackson's report.

Free Mozzarella! Support Waste to Energy!

Save the Mozzarella! Flyer

Waste to Energy and Recycling are Complementary

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