ESWET's 4th Annual Workshop: Refuse-Derived Fuel: Waste or Product? - Brussels


Both Wood and Unrecyclable Municipal Solid Waste can be used to produce pellets.
But which pellets are waste, and which ones are a product?

If Unrecyclable Municipal Solid Waste processed into Refuse-Derived Fuel becomes a product, what will this mean for the environment?


After an introduction by Edmund Fleck and a contextualisation of other Waste-to-Energy related issues by Julio Garcia Burgues, a Q&A session followed. The audience was prompt, through a classic "show of hands", to express similar concern to what ESWET identifies, namely that Refuse-Derived Fuel is and should remain waste.

Many reasons were evoked during the discussion, which was a good brainstorming of ideas for further use. But the prime reason of concern for the participants was clearly the potential harm to the environment that could result from treating waste, turned into RDF, into a product that could be combusted in many places where waste should not be used.

The event started with a cocktail and the presentations were followed by a Walking Dinner and a Champagne raffle.


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