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ESWET - The European Suppliers of Waste to Energy Technology is the European Association representing manufacturers in the field of Waste-to-Energy technology

The main purpose of ESWET is to foster the development and the dissemination of Waste-to-Energy technology

ESWET also seeks to raise the awareness of the positive implications of the technology in terms of Better Waste Management, Energy and for the Environment

Latest ESWET News


Input Effort Sharing Decision Consultation

ESWET commented on the consultation on the Effort Sharing Decision. Waste-to-Energy is part of this Decision and should remain covered by it as it constitutes the best way to account for Waste-to-Energy’s Climate Benefits.

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Heat and Steam from Waste: Linking the Energy Union and the Circular Economy

On 18.06.2015, 14:00 - 15:30, ESWET co-organised an event during the EU Sustainable Energy Week to showcase the various contributions Waste-to-Energy can make towards the Energy Union and the Circular Economy

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ESWET welcomes the R1 Climate Correction Factor

Several years in the making, this factor recently adopted by the European Commission will take into account local climatic conditions and their influence on Waste-to-Energy plants' ability to use and export heat. The possibility to use heat for instance in District Heating systems significantly influences the resulting R1 value a plant can feature.

More information in the ESWET article in Waste Management World



ESWET supports the Circular Economy Package

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